My name is Vesal Yaghoobi, and I am proud to be the founder of the Blue Booby Organization. As a pathologist with a passion for breast cancer research, I have been working tirelessly to develop a novel model for the formation of breast cancer. Thanks to the generous support of the non-profit organization, Breast Cancer Alliance, I have been able to pursue this project with a great deal of enthusiasm.


To ensure the sustainability of my research efforts, I had the idea to establish a non-profit organization that would support my work in the long-term. And thus, the Blue Booby Organization was born. The name "Blue Booby" has a dual meaning: on the one hand, it references the blue-footed booby bird, which I've been sketching for more than a year and using to benefit my non-profit. On the other hand, it hints at a breast that has become blue due to the growth of a tumor.


At the Blue Booby Organization, we are pursuing what we call a "Blue move" in the fight against breast cancer. Rather than relying on existing concepts and ideas, we are challenging the status quo and pursuing our own unique approach. Through my personal observations and preliminary studies, I have come to believe that many of the commonly-accepted beliefs about breast cancer need to be reexamined.


Despite the enormous amount of research that has been done on breast cancer, there is still so much that we do not understand. It is my hope that through the Blue Booby Organization, we can make a real difference in the lives of breast cancer patients and ultimately help to find a cure for this devastating disease.



Vesal Yaghoobi, MD, MSc